Hide the Obvious

A Volkswagen, obviously.

It's easy to spot a Volkswagen.
Even with enough snow on it to hide the beetle shape.
It's the one that keeps moving.
A Volkswagen will even go up icy hills when other cars won't go at all because we put the engine in the back. It gives the rear wheels much better traction.
That's half the problem.
But the engine can't just be there. It has to keep working.
So we cool the VW engine with air, not water. there's no need for anti-freeze, no chance of the block cracking. (No possibility of boiling over in summer, either.) And there's no draining. No flushing. No rust.
You can park a VW outdoors in sub-zero weather or dig it out of a snowbank; it's ready to roll as soon as you turn the key.
If you happen to live where ice and snow are no problem, don't think you can't judge the VW's extraordinary abilities.
Just try it in sand or mud.